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bdeb's Journal

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"Someone asked me this weekend what is Bryce really like, and the first thing that I said was “He likes to pee on people”. Dame Anne was there and the whole table went WHAT!? And she said something like yes he is a triple peer and…I interjected again with “yup he likes to pee on folks.. sometimes at Pennsic he will pee on your tent, hell if you sit still long enough during a bardic he will pee on your shoes” but he only pees on folks he likes… or doesn’t like depending on the mood, time of day, and allergy meds or lack there of..." ~ Chilly Willy

A long time blogger over on Diaryland.com, I moved here a couple of years ago. Mostly I blog about the boring day to day of modern day SCA Knight, Laurel and Pelican. In other words, eating, sleeping, working, and farting. Sometimes I say something I think is witty, though that is more and more rare these days. Often I say something controversial, though with the filters of this site I have gotten much better about that. So this is me, Duane Moore, Bryce de Byram, that guy over there. Clacky-Clacking away on the Interwub, being a Virtual Knight, in an Internet SCA. I have a little girl named Grace, and the best wife in the world. Don't believe me? Come and test me! I have an awesome, if dysfunctional family, and the best friends in the world, even if they (both family and friends) make me insane.