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17th-Jan-2012 01:07 pm
For many years, back when I blogged regularly I would, at the start of each new year write a post about the SCA Events I attended in the previous year. I did this so I could see trends over time, and to hold myself to accountable on certain goals. I’m not sure if I’ve done it in a while, but I thought I would try for 2011.

In total it looks like I attended seventeen events overall, with one being a major War (Pennsic). I also attended roughly 30-35 fighter practices about on par with 2010 (I’m most proud of getting the Practice Tourney of the Cross and Lily started in February of this year). Fighting wise, I fought at only eight of those events (Stickjock that I am, haha!) Pennsic was the ONLY mêlée event I fought at all year (SHAMEFUL!). I fought in only four tourneys, and four TOC/teaching type events, so nine fighting events all year. I marshaled at six events, and I MIC’ed two large events (and one tourney at Pennsic). I helped Cooked at two events (three if you count the smoked chickens I made for Yule), Autocratted one event, and helped a couple/three more autocrats with their events, being staff of some sort. I spent a lot of free time doing mostly fruitless research for the Kingdom on possible new event sites in Central VA. I co-taught one class on the history of the Tournament with the amazing Theo. I actually did one event where I did nothing but swing in a hammock after set up. I did very little fighting at Pennsic and MIC’ed a tourney there on my ‘day off’.

Injuries are a common theme each year fighting wise, and sadly, as I age the time to recover from them takes longer and longer. I believe I had three major injuries this year (two related to my back, which I am now addressing by losing weight) Our personal finances did a little better this year with me coming off furloughs but still, money being tight was a factor in some of the long breaks without events. There where a couple of events (KASF, 30YC) that we missed due to this being the year of Auto Repairs – (which is still ongoing, even in 2011). Melisent also received her Pelican in February which took a lot of my mental energy up to that point and then autocratted the last Sapphire Joust in May, which likewise took a lot of mental and physical juice. Also, my Hotel ran Coronation after an exhaustive site search for same, and WT and I got the “In the Park” revival of TOC going again hosting two more events. Overall it was a very service focused year.

Melisent and I have vowed not to take any SCA jobs in 2012 so that we can recover, focus on our growing household, I can fight more, and we can explore other hobbies and interests.
That said, here was the year that was, 2011:

Ymir. Melisent’s Pelican dominated this whole event. After the vigil and ceremony was over I was pretty much brain dead and we just relaxed and regrouped, had ‘stone soup’ with the Hotel and friends and drank.
Winter University: Taught a class on the history of the Tourney with Mistress Theodora, which was well received... Took a great class on mustard making which got me involved in all sorts of interesting cooking adventures.
St. Paddy’s Day Bloodbath – Traditional Bear pit tourney thing, just up the road. Fought some, taught some. (I always treat this like a fighter practice so I don’t really think of it as a real tourney, even if it is one)
TYD Baronial Birthday: Came in second in the tourney to Arrayd. Did some pick ups and then ran Front Line for Mathieu/Moe in the Kitchen. Busy day, I was injured before this event so it took a lot out of me.
Spring Coronation: Got beat up at a demo the day before so I rested this one. Melisent and I were in the ceremony. Took off early from this one after I decided not to fight.
Siege of the Black Tower: Melisent had her first race earlier that morning so we got there late, saw court, then left.
Golden Rose: I again did Front Line with Moe/Mathieu and was the hated Buffet Police. No really, I do really mean you can only have one of those. Haha!
Spring Crown: at HM’s request, ran a list in the tourney, and then fought in the TOC afterwards. This was at The Meadow so it was a short trip. Again, I was slightly injured at this event.
Sapphire XII: Melisent was the Autocrat, I was the MIC. Exhausting.
Warfighter: Other than help the autocrat with set up, Melisent and I were so worn out from Sapphire (it gets harder to run these things as we get older) that I really didn’t do much of anything. I fell asleep in a hammock while the fighting was going on.
Summer in the Park: Had a great time at this little fighter focused event. Marshaled, taught and fought a little.
Pennsic XL: Had a crazy schedule were I was there for land grab, then home for two days, then back. Had a lot of work to do by small groups and a lot of camp infrastructure collapse this year so I ended up working a lot more than I had thought I would, and not fighting very much. Also, I ran the Mooselodge Tourney as MIC. This was Grace’s first Pennsic and while that alone was awesome (she had such a good time!) it took a lot more of the focus on the family and camp and less on partying.
Fall Coronation. MIC’ed this event and helped the autocrat, did set up, etc.. Also took two new squires. This event was a lot of fun to pull off, but again, exhausting. Got my Non Pariel here, which was touching.
Autumn in the Park: Autocratted, fought and Marshaled this all day fighting/teaching event/TOC and hosted a rocking Post Revel at our place afterwards.
Crown: Fought for the first time in many years on a lark. Really enjoyed myself. Fought in the TOC afterwards.
Dun Carriag Investiture: Heralded and fought. Hurt my back at this event and I’m still as of now (January in PT trying to recover.) The event was fun, but the injury has clouded the event in my memory.
Yule: Smoked a couple of chickens making a medieval hybrid (used a medieval recipe on a rub for smoking chickens, which as far as I know they didn’t do in this particular way). Got a local award that I created (Merlon) for the Cross and Lily Concept. That was weird. Fun event just hanging out with friends and family.
Overall, 2011 was a lot of fun but a ton of work. I’m looking forward to 2012 being a lot more laid back. I expect I’ll attend roughly the same number of events and I hope to get out of Kingdom this year for at least two of them.
Like every year, I am going to remember the highs and the lows. There were more highs than lows, by far, and so that’s why I stick with this crazy hobby, 20+ years on.
17th-Jan-2012 06:48 pm (UTC)
Class was the best. I haven't managed a serious period tournament event planning. Family needs have completely dominated my world since Pennsic, with no end in sight. But, they are far more important than pagentry, as much as I love me some flags and field presence.
17th-Jan-2012 07:17 pm (UTC)
Yup, I'm right there with you. Going through some serious family upheavals myself and I can't see anything jumping off like that for a long, long time.
18th-Jan-2012 03:25 am (UTC)
Family needs are *always* the most important things to focus on.

And yes, I think I'd count the smoked chickens. They were VERY tasty!

20th-Jan-2012 02:55 pm (UTC)
No doubt.

Glad you liked the Chickens! That was a lot of fun. I have to say that I prefer more normal spices when smoking personally but it was an adventure.
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